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DJ Iron Nox first got into music listening to his father play his Soundsystem called Spider in Dancehalls and house parties in the 70's as young boy. 

Iron Nox always wanted to build his own soundsystem so in the mid 80's he bought a pair of Soundlab decks and mixer a 600 watts amp. Then he joined up with his Brother-In-Law who had a few speakers and started to play at house parties playing Ragga, RnB and Hip Hop. 

In the early 90's / 2000 Iron Nox rebuild his Soundsystem and called it Equinox, buying a pair of 1210's and PDX 2000 decks/ Peavey Eq /Poweramps and hit the road once more with a new party Dancehall style. 

It hasn't been easy but we are still here doing our thing. 

Respect to all Sound men & all Soundsystem Fans.    


Equinox Soundsystem Reggae and Dancehall vibes Oct 2015

Equinox Soundsystem Check Vol 1

Equinox Soundsystem Outside London NN

Equinox Soundsystem Weekend Session


Equinox Soundsystem in 80's Dancehall style  P1 


Equinox Soundsystem in 80's Dancehall style  p2 


Equinox Soundsystem easy juggling

 Equinox Soundsystem Dancehall And Roots 2013 


Equinox Soundsystem Warming up In Nottingham.  Rap 'N' Hip Hop 2013


Equinox Soundsystem Unit Test  Oldskool Roots & Studio One Style .  PT.4 2013


:   Equinox Soundsystem Unit Test In 80's Dancehall Style

PT 3. 2013

Equinox Soundsystem Unit Test In New Skool Dancehall Basement Style

 PT 2. 2013 

 Equinox Soundsystem Unit Test RnB/ Rap / Slow Jamz 

PT.1 2013


Equinox Soundsystem


Equinox Soundsystem In Bashment Style

Equinox Sound Check 2012 


Equinox SoundSystem Revival Dance 


Equinox Soundsystem On Road In Reggae Dance Hall Style March 2011


Equinox Soundsystem on road



 warming up the Equinox Soundsystem in Rub A Dub Dance Hall Style